NEWS UPDATE – 29 January

Three more days and we are off to Australia for six weeks and so expect more postings as I explore this wonderful country, also home to some of the most avant-gard restaurants that I have ever eaten in. Our travels will have us starting in Sydney for a few days before making our way down the east coast to Melbourne and then finally to Adelaide in time for their fringe festival.

I love to hear from you, either by adding a comment to a post or by using the Contact page.


I am an expat Scot who has lived in Canada for the last 40 years and traveled a good part of the world but only just come to blogging inspired by a quote that I love “If your life is worth living it is worth writing about”. I will try to write and so I hope you enjoy reading.  See my About page to learn more.


I have just finished (24 August 2016) hiking the 2200km from Lands End to John O’Groats and so most of the posts cover this trip but I am excited now to write about more of my travels.  Australia early 2017 is a definite but who knows what else will be on the cards.  I look forward to traveling with you.


I love food.  Food from the market, food that I grow, food that I forage, fresh from the fishing boat, straight from the farm, dehydrating food, smoking it, preserving, canning, local food or ethnic food, I love it all, especially food that surprises.  Join me as we explore food in all these forms.

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