Lands End to John OGroats

On May 14th 2016 I started my hike from Lands End in the south-west tip of England to John O’Groats in the north-east of Scotland.  I have two maps below, the first being a log of the actual route I am taking/took and the second is the planned route, although the best things about plans is that they change.

You can zoom in on and check out my route.  In the top left corner of the map the small, white icon with three dots and three lines will open up the menu of locations.

If you have some suggestions that you would like to make please do add comments below.

The legend for this second map is:

  • Red bubble – places I intend (as of now) to stay the night
  • Yellow house – Youth Hostels and other places of accommodation along the route
  • Purple “M” buildings – Places of interest from sites like English Heritage and others.

5 Responses to “Lands End to John OGroats

  • Just back from a trip to England, Scotland, Ireland and France. While it included cycling in Scotland a bit and more so in the French Alps, I can’t believe the distance I see you have done, and are planning to do. Best of luck Andrew, one sees a lot more by bike than car, and a lot more still by foot, than bike.
    Enjoy some pub food along the way, you will need the calories. Cheers!

  • Hello Andrew

    We hope all is going well, we missed you today at Harris’s birthday. You are doing amazingly.

    Lots of love Mum and Dad, Sue and Alan x x x x

  • stuart McManus
    2 years ago

    Hi Andrew, amazing trip. Hope to meet up with you with Peter & Gill Webb between Painswick & Birdlip on Friday afternoon 17th June.

  • We have just managed to access the final stage of your journey. It has been fun reading about your adventures, we will miss the regular updates. Congratulations Andrew, walking this distance was a terrific acheivment.

    Love from us both

    Sue and Alan x x x

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